Definition of Problem

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Wedgit Connector

As we follow through the Product Development Process we will be using the Wedgit Connector as an example of a product that has succesfully passed through each stage of the IPD process.

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Prior to developing any innovation you must first define a problem in need of a solution. The Wedgit Connector was initially developed for the commercial deionized water treatment industry. DI water treatment requires the use of "exchange tanks" containing compounds that remove contaminants from water.Definition of Problem These tanks must be regularly serviced, recharged and moved from one facility to another. The prior connector technology was not a quick connection, and was prone to damage / leaks during transport. The Wedgit concept needed to provide a solution to the existing products issues:

    1) Can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected.
    2) Is capable of withstanding elevated system pressures     without leaks.
    3) Is highly resistant to damage during servicing and            transport.
    4) Can resist exposure to corrosive chemicals.

Next the Concept for a Technical Solution must be generated.