Product Development Process

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The Integrated Product Development process, as defined in the flow chart shown here, has been developed by IPD consultants during the past twenty years of real-world manufacturing experience.

Integration of the multi-discipline skill set required to develop an idea from an initial concept to a perfected product that is ready for sale; often requires a team of specialists, working as full time employees.

Typically, this level of resource commitment to research and development is reserved for only the largest, most established manufacturing firms.

IPD Consulting allows smaller manufacturers, and start-ups to outsource their research and development needs to help jump start or complete the development process.

To learn more about IPD's approach to product development select any of the hyper-linked boxes provided in the flow chart. We can provide assistance in one of the areas mentioned or provide complete services from start to finish.

Our level of involvement is only limited by the client's needs.

First the Problem must be Defined